Class Descriptions
healthcare1 BLS Healthcare Provider (Full & Renewal)
First-time AND renewal students can take our normal full class. This CPR/AED BLS course is for healthcare professionals like nurses, doctors, technicians, and EMTs. This class does NOT include First Aid.

general public Infant, Child, Adult, CPR & AED
This CPR course is for the general public, such as teachers, coaches, and those requiring certification for their workplace. This couse is also for families and parents. This class does NOT include First Aid.

firstaid Basic First Aid
This basic course is for the general public and those requiring certification to treat victums in an emergency. It covers burns, cuts, sudden illnesses, heat/cold emergencies and more.

blended class Blended Class
This option is for students who wish to take some of their class online, and complete their skills assessment at one of our training locations. The cost of this course includes the online portion, AND the skills assessment; NO TEXTBOOK is required. Onlines access keys are delivered up to 24 hours after a student registers. Students recieve the SAME AHA certification card as a traditional class.

skill assessment

Skills Assessment
This course is designed for those who have completed the American Heart Association’s Online Training Part 1. Students must bring a valid completion certificate. The cost of this course ONLY includes the skills assessment.